At Alp Attitude, we constantly strive to enhance your skiing experience by offering new features every year. Here’s an overview of our latest advancements:

Since 2023, the 3D SCANNER has revolutionized your choice of rental shoes. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, we can now create a three-dimensional image of your feet in just seconds. This allows us to provide you with THE shoe perfectly adapted to your morphology. No more compromises, it’s all about precision.

Since 2022, Marcel Livet skis are in the spotlight: these wooden skis represent the perfect alchemy between traditional craftsmanship and advanced engineering. A true sliding experience highly acclaimed by connoisseurs.

Since 2020, a significant ecological commitment with the permanent Phantom by DPS waxing: exclusively in the Méribel Valley, we have adopted this revolutionary system to maintain our entire rental fleet. A single waxing for life, with zero release emissions into the environment, regardless of the snow quality the same sliding performance. You too can make a contribution to the planet by benefiting from this technology. Simply book an appointment at our workshop for the maintenance of your equipment.

At Alp Attitude, our dedication to quality, innovation, and the environment continues to grow, ensuring that your skiing pleasure remains unparalleled.

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